Ultimate guide: Nighttime Skincare Ritual

I call it a skincare ritual for a reason. Yes, it is a routine as well but the whole process behind it is much much more!

It’s all about self-care and self-love. And one way of doing this for yourself is by having a daily skincare ritual at night. This not only helps you get glowing skin, It also slows you down and helps you relax after a long day.

I never had a nighttime skincare ritual before the pandemic. Before, my skincare was a routine, not a ritual and mainly consisted of me removing my makeup and cleansing my face. That was it. No toner, serum, essence or moisturizer—I just thought these extra products were a way for skincare companies to make more $$$! But also because I was LAZY and I didn’t know what a “correct” ritual looked like and what was right for my acne-prone skin type.

This all changed once the pandemic hit and I was in quarantine. As I had more time of my hands, I slowly discovered there was this little window of time between me brushing my teeth and getting into bed where it was just me…quietly looking at myself at the mirror. Sounds odd but it’s true—when we’re getting ready for bed, it’s just us in the bathroom looking at a mirror—sounds odd because we rarely think about it this way.

Since I don’t meditate on a set schedule (but I’d like to). I thought this newly found mini-timeframe would be the perfect time where I could tackle both a skincare routine as well as some ‘me mental time’. And that’s how my following nighttime skincare ritual was born 💗

My Nighttime Skincare Ritual

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

After a long day with wearing makeup or just being alive (collecting environmental air), I always look forward to this step because the oil spreads easily to take off everything including dead skin cells without leaving your face all oily! It pumps out oil and when washed with water, it turns milky—it’s truly magically.

Recommendations: (They seem pricey but they last about 2-3 months)

Step 2: Cleanser

A 2nd cleansing ritual is important because while an oil cleanser removes all the makeup and dead skin cells, a face cleanser will remove even more lingering on your face.

Recommendations: (I switch between different cleansers each day)

Step 3: Face Masks

Helps target specific needs for the day. For example, use a Brightening mask if you feel like your skin looks a bit dull or a Charcoal mask if you have some pimples coming up!


Step 4: Blackhead Remover

Use when needed! (approximately 1-2 times weekly)


  • Clinque Blackhead Solutions: Self-heating Exfoliator ($29)

Step 5: Facial Massage

Learned about this through Vogue’s Celebrity Makeup Routine series on Youtube—I’m currently trying this out!


Step 6: Mist Toner

I’m currently loving mists especially with the summer heat right now!


Step 7: Toner

Neutralizes your pH levels and preps skin,


  • COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol ($9) *I was only able to find via a korean site.

Step 8: Serum

Adds a lot of hydration back to your skin!


Step 9: Anti-Aging Cream

Target area to remember: your Neck!


Step 10: Eye Cream

Seems like a non important step but really, couldn’t be more important!


Step 11: Lip Balm

Another area to remember: your lips!


Step 12: Moisturizer

I love moisturizers because it seals the deal from step 1 through 11!


Step 13: [When needed] Pore Zappers!

For true emergencies, when a surprise zit appears and you need it to go away the next day!


  • M.A.D Drying Location Sulfur ($24)

And that’s it! The whole ritual process seems like a lot of steps and that it might take forever (when you just want to go to sleep) but in truth this only take about 10 minutes max.

But more importantly, this 10 minutes is about self-care and setting aside time to focus on you by you!



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